Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all students registered at Can-AIM High School.By signing the registration form, to abide by Can-AIM High School’s’ Code of Conduct and any other regulations.


Student pays a registration fee of $100, which is non refundable. Student must submit all required documents including the previous transcript or report card showing the prerequisite for courses enrolled at Can-AIM High school. Can-AIM high school can cancel or change the course if proof of prerequisite is not produced.

Refund policy: 

Students are entitled to get refund on course fee only before or on the first session of classes. No refund is given after the first session.
However, student can transfer the course(s) to next immediate term with approval from the principal. A valid reason must be produced to transfer courses. Course fee cannot be transferred to other students.

Attendance Policy:

 School attendance is required by law and should be taken seriously. It is one of the major factors contributing to success at school.


If a student cannot attend school the parent/guardian should call the school on that day to confirm the absence and send a note with the student on the day of their return. Students who are absent have the responsibility to catch up on information and work missed. Chronic absences affect academic performance and a meeting with parents will be requested to resolve the problem.


Late arrival at the beginning of the day or for any class is disruptive and will not be tolerated. A note from the student’s parent/guardian is required if a student is late. Students who are late without a note will be sanctioned.
Chronic lateness will not be tolerated. Sanctions will be applied to resolve the problem.

Skipping Class:

Skipping classes is prohibited. Sanctions will be assigned and parents may be notified.
Students will be expected to make up the time in detention.
The time skipped is doubled and then served in detention and/or the planning room.
Students who skip persistently may be suspended and/or sent to the planning room.
Late Assignment Policy:
Students must hand in assignments by designated due date.

Code of conduct:

At Can-AIM High School students are expected to:

  • Be polite and respectful to everyone
  • Respect school property and the property of others
  • Use proper and respectful language
  • Avoid disrupting class in any way
  • Avoid physically or verbally aggressive behaviour in person or online
  • Respect authority, i.e. listens to and obeys the person in charge
  • Complete homework assignments and projects on time
  • Come on time for school and classes
  • Be prepared for class with all his or her books & supplies
  • Value his or her health and does not use drugs and/or alcohol or cigarettes
  • Use technology in a positive & productive manner

Rules of Behavior:

Students must attend all classes and remain in classes for entire session Students should dress appropriately for school. Ripped or torn clothing, short shorts or skirts, T-shirts with unacceptable language or promoting violence, drugs or sexual innuendo, halter tops/tube tops/bikini tops, visible underwear, low riding pants, excessive cleavage, outdoor clothing and attire exposing the midriff are all forbidden in school.