Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, Can-AIM High School remains committed to delivering our robust and fulfilling curriculum. We have always seen education as a lifelong pursuit, and we feel remarkably fortunate to be able to continue to share our love of learning despite the challenging times. We are so proud of our students, who continue to work hard, whether at home or in school, proving that the Can-AIM thirst for knowledge and fulfillment remains intact!



We reopened our doors to students for the new school year on September 1st, and we are currently offering a blended instructional platform with a rotating schedule allowing our students to participate either in classes from home via Zoom/Talentlms or in-class instruction. A mixture of the two is also viable. Additionally, class assignments and materials are posted online for each course. Of course, any student who prefers to do so is able to study solely virtually, and we are ready to return to entirely virtual instruction if the situation mandates.



We are fortunate that our small class sizes allow us to proceed more or less as usual, despite the change in delivery. Our average in-school class is now 4-6 students, and we have no more than twleve students in the school per day, with the teaching methods alternating weekly. As well as receiving instruction, the students still have ample opportunity to ask and answer questions, and to offer their perspectives and insights in a lively seminar format. We are also still laughing and sharing our love of knowledge, and of life.



Our current school day runs from 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., allowing students to avoid whatever rush hour congestion as they move to and from school. The majority of our students are being driven by their parents. Social distancing measures are in place throughout the school, from the hallways to the classrooms, and all students are screened before entry to the school. Enhanced cleaning and ventilation have also been implemented.



Our plan for arrival of International Students during pandemic restrictions was submitted and is currently waiting for approval. This page will be updated once approved.