Student Testimonials

- Ahmad Syed, Biology Major,Carleton University
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My name is Ahmad Syed I am currently in Carleton University studying BSc in Biology. I was a good student but not a great one until I came to Can-Aim high school. Looking back now it was the best decision I have ever made. The reason to choose Can-Aim is because students like myself received one on one attention from certified teachers, which helped me stay more focused and provided me with a better understanding of the material. I was able to establish strong “mentor-like” relationships with my teachers, which gave me better self-esteem and, thus, helped me achieve greater success. I was able to choose the days I wanted to come to school, which allowed me to be more on task and organized with my day school and job. The strength of Can-Aim school are it's wonderful teaching staff including the Principal, Mr. Muzaffar Baig.
- Nitish Verma, Nursing, Humber College
The teachers are amazing
They are so approachable and understanding that they invited me to school on weekends for any extra help; this led me to be more dedicated to my studies. The teachers focused on my weaknesses and came up with different strategies to strengthen them. They provide me with quality education that ensured me of a brighter future. The learning resources were engaging and matched my learning needs. I was able to get quick and useful feedback on my homework, assignments, quizzes and even tests. I saw major progress in my work, which satisfied my teachers and parents, and indicated that I was on the right path. My academic skills improved, and resulted in me becoming an honour student. I received many offers with scholarships from University of Toronto, Waterloo University, McMaster University, Carleton University and many more. I recommend everyone to enrol at Can-Aim high school because of its dedicated staff, excellent teaching methods and high academic standards. I am such a firm believer in this school that I have persuaded my youngest sister to enrol. It has only been a month in, and both of us have noticed improvement in her work habits and there has been a significant change in her marks. Can-Aim high school provides a stimulating, promising and safe environment that works towards maximizing its students’ potential.
- Manroop Goraya, Jackson Park Hospital,Chicago-Windor University School of Medicine
The best decision I made
Hi,My name is Manroop Goraya.I did my high school from Can-AIM High SChool. After finishing I was selected Canada's top most Universities.I did my undergrad fro York University in Kinesiology.After completing one and half year undergrad I went Carribbean to pursue Med school.After completing 3 years in Carribbean i finished my basic Sciences and I am ready to start my rotations in Chicago. I thank Can-AIM high school for fulfilling my dreams to become a future physician. I wouldn't have made it through with out the help of teachers at Can-AIM.