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Admission Procedure

Applying to Can-AIM

We endeavor to enroll students who have demonstrated academic achievement, possess a positive attitude toward schooling, and whose parents seek a well-rounded, rigorous education for their child. We look for candidates who will benefit from our educational programs and who will contribute positively to the school community.

Application Process

Students applying for admission must submit a completed application and an registration fee of $100.  The following items are necessary at the time of admission.

  • Completed application form
  • Payment
  • Proof of citizenship/Permanent Residency
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of health card
  • Previous report card showing the prerequisites

Academic Assessment

Grade 9 students are expected to participate in academic assessment process. This process will help the students to identify thier abilities in mathematics, grammar, vocabulary, spelling and reading.

Grade 10,11&12 students are admitted based on the previous academic records.

Tuition & Fees
Fee is as follows for the current academic year

Grade Full Time Students* Part Time Students
9 $3000 per year $500 per credit
10 $3500 per year $550 per credit
11 $4000 per year $600 per credit
12 $4000 per year $600 per credit
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